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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully!


Welcome to https://neathouse.net/!These Terms of Use describe the terms and conditions applicable to your access to and use of websites, mobile websites, and other portals.This document is a legally binding agreement between you (as a user of the Site) (hereinafter referred to as "you", "your" or "User") and an entity determined under the terms.Hereinafter referred to as "we", "our" or "NEATHOUSE".
Application and Acceptance of the Terms:


1. Through the web site you access and use of the site and NEATHOUSE services, software and product, the platform should include this clause stated (such services, software and products in the following referred to as "services") to comply with this document contains the terms and conditions and privacy policy, product list policy and NEATHOUSE may from time to time publish web site of any other rules and policies.This document and other such rules and policies of the Site are collectively referred to as "terms".By accessing and using the Site and services, you agree to accept and be bound by the terms.If you do not accept all terms, please do not visit or use the Service or site. 

2. If (a) you are not of legal age to enter into a binding contract with NEATHOUSE, or (b) you are prohibited from receiving any content, you are not allowed to access or use the Service or Website and do not accept the terms.Services provided in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong or other countries/territories (including the country/territory in which you live or the country/territory in which you visit and use the Services and sites).

3.NEATHOUSE may, at any time, amend any of the Terms by Posting the relevant amended and restated terms on its website.By continuing to access or use the Services or the Site, you agree that the terms, as amended and rewritten, will apply to you.

4. You may need to enter into separate agreements (each "additional Agreement") with NEATHOUSE or one of our affiliates online or offline for any of the services (or the functions in the Services).In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between this Provision and the Additional Agreement, this provision takes precedence only in the additional agreement relating to the Service (or the function in the Service).  

5. No other amendment to this Clause shall be made unless written permission is obtained from an officer authorized by NEATHOUSE.


1. You must register as a member on NEATHOUSE to access and use certain services.In addition, NEATHOUSE reserves the right to restrict paying users' access to or use of certain services (or any functionality in the Services) without prior notice, or subject to other conditions that NEATHOUSE may impose.


2. The service (or any function in the service) may vary by region and country/region.A guarantee or representation that a particular service or feature or function or services of the same type and scope will not be available to the user.NEATHOUSE may at its discretion limit, deny, or create different levels of access to and use of any service (or any function within a service) for different users.



3.NEATHOUSE may initiate, change, upgrade, or impose conditions to suspend, suspend or discontinue any service (or any function in the Service) without prior notice, and such changes will not affect the ability of such paying users to enjoy the Service unless it is a paid service.
Users Generally:

1. As a condition for accessing and using the Site or Services, you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in accessing or using the Site or Services.

2. You agree to (a) you will not copy, copy, download, redistribute, sell, distribute or resell any service or any information, text, images, graphics, video clips, sound, directories, files, database or list, or through the web site provides content on the website (" site "), and (b) you will not copy, copy, download, compile, or otherwise use any content to compete with NEATHOUSE business, or commercial use of content in other ways.Retrieval of site content from the site system is prohibited without NEATHOUSE's written permission to directly or indirectly create or compile collections, compilations, databases, or directories (whether via robots, spiders, automated devices, or manual processing). 3.NEATHOUSE may allow users to access such third party sites through hyperlinks (in the form of word links, banners, channels, or other forms), apis, or otherwise to access content, products, or services provided by third parties.Please read the terms and conditions and/or privacy policies of such sites before using them.You acknowledge that NEATHOUSE has no control over such third party sites, does not monitor such sites, and is not responsible for any content, products or services provided by any person to such sites or on or through such sites.Web site.

4. You agree not to take any action to damage the integrity of NEATHOUSE and/or any other user's computer system or network and not to have unauthorized access to such computer system or network. account
1. Users must register on the Site to access or use certain services (registered users are also referred to as "members" below).NEATHOUSE may reject a user's application for registration for any reason.
2. A set of member ids and passwords is unique to a single account.Each member shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your membership ID and pa
User responsibility
1. After becoming a member, you agree to include contact information about you in our database and authorize NEATHOUSE and our branches to share contact information with other users or use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.
2. Each Member represents, warrants and agrees that (a) you have the full power and authority to accept the terms, grant licenses and authorizations and perform obligations under this Agreement;(b) Your access to and use of the Site and Services is for commercial purposes only.
3. As part of the website registration process, members are required to provide information or materials about your entity, business or products/services for your access to and use of any services or member accounts.Each member were statements, guarantee and agree that (a) both in the registration process and in then continue to use the site or service in the process of such information and materials submitted are true, accurate, current and complete, and (b) you will maintain and promptly amend all information and materials, to make it true, accurate, current and complete.
4. Members shall not use the site, services or member accounts for the same or similar activities as the NEATHOUSE business.
Member violations

1.NEATHOUSE reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove, modify, or refuse you to submit, publish, or display any user content on a site that we reasonably believe is illegal or in violation of the terms, that may hold NEATHOUSE or our affiliates liable, or that is deemed inappropriate in NEATHOUSE's sole discretion.

2. If any member violating any of the provisions, or if there is a reasonable reason to think that members NEATHOUSE violated any of the provisions, the NEATHOUSE has the right to take it considers appropriate disciplinary action, including but not limited to: (I) suspend or terminate the member account, is determined by its own, due to suspension or termination of or related to any loss or damage does not assume any responsibility;(ii) Limit, degrade, suspend or terminate the order, access or current or future use of any Of the Services;(iii) Delete any user content;(iv) NEATHOUSE shall, in its sole discretion, restrict members' access to any function or feature of any Service;(v) Any other corrective action,

3. NEATHOUSE reserves the right to investigate any alleged criminal or civil misconduct with government or regulatory agencies, law enforcement agencies, private investigators and/or injured third parties.In addition, in the application of law and policy, to the extent permitted if government requirements, NEATHOUSE can disclose the identity of the members, contact information and/or the relevant member on the site or through the website of transactions, activities or activities of information, regulator or law enforcement agencies or suffer a third party, or due to a subpoena or other legal action results.NEATHOUSE shall not be liable for any damages or consequences arising out of such disclosure, and members agree not to bring any action or claim against NEATHOUSE.

Each Member further agrees that NEATHOUSE shall not be liable for any user content or other material transmitted through the Site or the Service, including fraud, untruthfulness, misdirection, inaccuracy, defamation, offence or illegality.Content, and the risk of damage caused by such user content or other material is solely the responsibility of the Member.NEATHOUSE reserves the right, at its own expense, to have sole defence and control over other matters for which members are liable, in which case members shall cooperate with NEATHOUSE in claiming any defence available.



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